Kelly the Culinarian: Care for a Run on the Mall?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Care for a Run on the Mall?

Today has been a super exciting adventure! I got up earlier than early today to get to the airport and fly to Washington, D.C., for work. I touched down in D.C. around 9:30, checked into my hotel and changed to go on a run in the nation's capitol. When I lived here five years ago, I did not run. In fact, in the time I lived here, I'm not sure if I worked out at all. Ever.  Oops. It's a shame, because this is a running/walking/cycling city.

I had 15K to complete for Jenny's Inaugural Illinois Peripheral Neuropathy Support Group virtual race. Given that my foot has been so cranky, I took it really slow and stopped to take pictures all over. I wore a new Adidas running skirt I got on clearance at Costco, along with a top from Running Skirts and my new Brooks shoes.  The running skirt might be better left for shorter distances - I might have looked cute, but my legs are not so cute anymore.

I left from the hotel and ran around the White House, down towards the Lincoln Monument, along the Potomac River, behind the Capitol Building and back around to the hotel. Not including my water breaks, it took me about an hour and a half.
The Capitol Building, the Washington Monument and the White House
It is gorgeous here today, too! If only it didn't cost $700 a month to rent a basement apartment without a kitchen or cable, I might consider living here again.

Post run, I showered and decided I needed to eat NOW.  I found District Taco and went to town on a giant Ensalada Yucateca with chicken, black beans, pico de gallo, lime juice, tomatillo salsa and grilled veggies. It came with two tortillas on the side.  It was super tasty and quite filling.  The salsa doesn't quite beat my favorite green sauce in the world at Cemitas Pueblas, but it was very satisfying.

Next up, I ran some errands around the Mall for work.  It gave me a chance to see a few things, including the American History Museum, which was closed for renovations when I lived here. I finally saw the Star Spangled Banner! I feel more patriotic already.  You can't take photos of it, so here's a photo of me for my mother.  

Off to do some more work!


Kim said...

Yay! What a fun run! I love running in DC.

And please. Your legs look great!

Do you plan to see the new Dr King memorial? I haven't been there since it opened!

Losing Lindy said...

looks like fun!

KellytheCulinarian said...

It was not a matter of appearance as much as function. Chub rub was out in full force.