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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quick post

I've got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, so here's a quick recap from today.

  • I got up early today to meet up with the Dick Pond Carol Stream marathon training group for a run. They were doing 18 miles, but still dropped me pretty early in the game. Nonetheless, I knocked out 12 miles with a 9:50 pace.
  • A company was supposed to show up to clean our windows today. No show. Not a call.  I got my money back from LivingSocial, but I really just wanted this done.
  • It was probably for the best - I was plugging in my Garmin when I got back from the run and I could hear dripping. I realized our fish tank was leaking all over the basement. We spent the next two hours cleaning up that mess.
  • Then, we got massages! I thought mine was a little rough, but I'm sure my muscles will be happy about it later. Tim enjoyed his massage, so we purchased another pair of massages that we'll use in October.
  • We went out to lunch after our massages. We went to a place that I normally love, but it wasn't nearly as awesome as I remembered. It's strange that I used to eat there at least once a week a few years ago, and now I wouldn't mind if I didn't go there again for years.
  • I did the math and I ran 144 miles in August and cycled 56 miles. Pretty kick ass!
Marathon countdown: 15 day!

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Kim said...

Ugh! I bet that massage felt good after the cleaning up the fish tank leak!

What is up with a company not showing up? I hope you are able to rate them for that somehow so other people don't have that happen to them too! :(

You're so close to the big day!!!