Kelly the Culinarian: Happy Birthday to Me

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Today's my birthday. Thanks, mom, for not giving up after 24 hours of labor.  I really appreciate it.

Last week, Tim was so excited about my gift that he couldn't wait.  I opened it when I got back from my girls' weekend Sunday. Tim (and Napoleon) got me a Kindle FireHD.  It's super sweet! I can watch all sorts of movies and TV shows for free with our Amazon Prime account, as well as borrow books for free.  My social media and bookish nerdy sides are showing, I'm aware. But it's an awesome gift because I would have never bought it for myself.

Last night, I got a mysterious package.
What in the world could it be? When I get excited, Napoleon gets excited.  Yorkshire terriers' ears are supposed to stick up, but his don't, so when he's excited, his ears stick back.
Kim got me arm warmers! I raved about the pair I borrowed from Kelly for the Zooma Great Lakes Half and said I needed to get myself a set. In fact, this very pair was in my Amazon cart, waiting to be purchased and sent to my sweaty little runner arms.
Doing his best McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed impression as it is not pumpkin or chicken
I'm really touched by this that she not only remembered my birthday, but was listening when I was babbling about the race.  The card she wrote me was really sweet, too. I love this part of birthdays: presents and sentiments.  And arm warmers and Kindles.
I'll have more to say about my birthday later ... until then, happy Friday!


bobbi said...

Kim is one of the most thoughtful gift-givers I know :) Happy Birthday!!

Kim said...

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe you had them in your cart! What are the odds? I just thought they were super schweet looking and liked the details. And thumb holes. They look fab on you!

Happy happy birthday!!!

The Kindle FireHD sounds super schweet, especially since you can read and watch stuff on it!!!!

Have a great birthday!

Kelly @ Running Kellometers said...

Those arm warmers are awesome! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Sexy arm warmers! Love. That's so sweet! And happy birthday again. Even if I just told you on facebook like 2.8 seconds ago...

Pete B said...

Happy Birthday. Great pics of Napoleon!

Losing Lindy said...

Happy Birthday!! Those arm warmers are awesome

Erin said...

I hope your birthday continues to be fabulous!

In your honor I will share with you my favorite birthday sentiment:

Xaarlin said...

Happy birthday!! Loving the armwarmers!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday!!!! Make sure to celebrate allll weekend!