Kelly the Culinarian: Quidditch Tournament 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quidditch Tournament 2012

It's that time of year again: My sister hosted her annual Quidditch tournament!  And what a difference a year makes: when my family and I went to this tournament last year, I wore a sun dress and thought I'd die of heat stroke. This year, I spent much of the time in my dad's truck to stay warm, despite wearing boots, leggings, a sweater, jacket, scarf and gloves.

My very organized sister, Katie, drove the boat on this tournament, organizing and reorganizing an intramural sport that universities from Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio attended. She found out last week that she would have to change the venue and start over again at a different field slightly off campus.  It's across the street from this '50s-era complex where some smart cookies must study:

Anyhow, the tournament went really well.  My view for the day:

Yes, these dogs are dressed as referees. Or, as their sweaters said, "Ruff-erees." I'm sure they're still more competent than the NFL replacement refs.
My dad got a great shirt at the tournament. It says "Brooms Up, Hammer Down." Clever, clever.
And my mom made me some birthday brownies.  Love.
My sister doing her professional thing:
And awards, handmade by my multi-talented sister.