Kelly the Culinarian: Wine Tasting for Charity

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wine Tasting for Charity

Last night, Tim and I helped our Lions club host its annual wine tasting (remember last year?). It's our biggest fundraiser, bringing in the bulk of the money that we reinvest into the community in the form of service projects. Our club has supported initiatives like adopting families in need for the holidays, sending care packages to troops serving abroad, purchasing school supplies for kids and providing snacks for hearing impaired kids at summer camp.

Anywho, we had our kick ass wine tasting that went really well. No word on how much we raised, but everyone had a killer time. The decorations were great (which we raffled off at the end of the night).

The wine was fabulous. We found a few new favorites that we purchased for later (and the club got a cut of the sales).

The food was even better.  We had mini sandwiches, grilled marinated vegetables, stuffed mushrooms, a cheese and fruit tray, meatballs, chicken skewers and tons of desserts. Tim loved the mini cannolis, and I was a fan of the mini apple pies. I die.

And hey, the company was pretty stellar, too.  Maggie and Genevieve came all the way out to our corner of the suburbs for the event. Blogger truly are the best.


Kim said...

What fun! It's looks like a total hit! Mini apple pies?! SIGN ME UP!

Steven really wanted to make apple donuts today, in case we don't get any after our 5K tomorrow. They were a bit of a fail...

Kayla said...

Now that I saw this post, I think I'll go open a bottle of wine :) Looks like tons of fun!

Unknown said...

Mini foods are the best! That way you can sample a bit of everything without filling up too quickly. Looks like a fun event!


Erin said...

Do you guys do this every year? Because next year I really want to be able to make it!

KellytheCulinarian said...

Yep, every year right around this time. I sent out Facebook invites this year, but perhaps I should talk it up on the blog a bit more. It really is a great event.