Kelly the Culinarian: Race Report: Cupcake Classic Virtual 5K

Friday, October 19, 2012

Race Report: Cupcake Classic Virtual 5K

Also known as: Kelly's Reality Check Run.  Ugh. This did not go well.

First, it was pouring the night I decided to do the Cupcake Classic Virtual 5K, which is hosted by Run with Jess. No problem, I'm a hardcore runner, I thought, and there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.
So I put on running tights (which subsequently made me overheat and got filthy) and my Fox Valley Marathon shirt and set out for a local trail.

All went well for the first mile, which I complete in 7:40ish.  Then, I felt like my heart would explode. I slowed down in the second mile and had to take an untimed walk break, because I had my Garmin on autopause on accident.

All in all, I realized that I'm not as fast/fit as I used to be.  My 5K race PR is 24:53, but I did run a 24:10 5K on my own earlier this summer. Without the walk break, this still took me 26:15 ... slower than the 5K I ran at the end of the Niles Leaning Tower Tri. This is very bad, in my opinion. I feel slow, fat and out of shape.  I'm hoping my new relationship with CrossFit will help.

But there's no time to lament this; I'm running a half marathon tomorrow with some of Chicago's finest Running
. We rented a really sweet vacation home about 1.5 miles from the pick up spot for the Zooma Half in Wisconsin.

Kelly will be picking me up soon with Maggie, and we're carpooling up there. In the meantime, I've got some vegan banana muffins in the oven for Kim, who's also bunking down with us. Get ready for some shenanigans, and possibly tomfoolery!


Losing Lindy said...

Have a great time!

Kim said...

Don't feel bad about your 5K - you didn't keep up your speedwork during marathon training... it's easy to slow down a bit! You'll get it back!


Unknown said...

Now that all these longer races are done with, you can work on your speed again! Although you are still insanely fast to me :)