Kelly the Culinarian: Race envy

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Race envy

Today was the Chicago Marathon, and I have to say, I'm a little jealous. Reading Facebook all day makes me want to tackle 26.2 again, and soon.  But I have to get the foot back in running shape.

So I spent the day doing fun things instead.  Tim went to his first spin class today.  It was quite tough, actually, because the instructor incorporated a lot of upper body work. Plus, she went over by at least 15 minutes. When we got home, I got ready for Halloween. I love Halloween so much!
In the upper right are the terra cotta pumpkins my mom bought me.  And in the middle is a fiber-optic pumpkin that scares the crap out of Napoleon.  Now that it's inflated, he ignores it. However, he is literally in the dog house. In addition to eating a brillo pad and some baked ziti that was dropped on the ground ...
"I'm in the slammer for 25 to life. Pumpkin murder. It's no joke."
He destroyed another one of my pumpkins. He always goes for the 20-year-old childhood keepsakes.  He destroyed a foam rubber finger puppet pumpkin that I've had since at least childhood.  This is why we can't have nice things.


Kim said...

Oh, Napoleon! Sigh. I think we had those when we were kids. They are fun!

I love your decorations! I meant to ask you if you were putting them up this weekend, during our run. Do you love Halloween so much since your bday is so close? :)

I loved seeing all the marathoners today and reading the Facebook posts! It made me feel good to be in the support role and not running, ha ha.

KellytheCulinarian said...

Nah, I like dressing up and eating candy!

Unknown said...

I felt a bit jealous too! Seeing all those runners and their motivational spectators truly inspired me. Maybe next year? ;)


runningthewindycity said...

I have such a hard time spectating marathons (or being in the same city) and not wanting to run. This year I signed up to volunteer because I thought it might turn some of the race envy into a positive thing and it did ... a little! I was still wishing I could be out there running though.

runningthewindycity said...

I always get jealous when I'm spectating or in the same city as a marathon. I want to be out there running too! This year I signed up to volunteer for the Chicago marathon in hopes of turning my envy into positivity and it helped... a little bit. I still wished I could have been out there!