Kelly the Culinarian: March Yelp Elite Squad Event at Chef Shangri-La

Friday, March 15, 2013

March Yelp Elite Squad Event at Chef Shangri-La

I had a great date last night with Naperville photog Kate. She did my headshots and is a frequent contributor to my little corner of the Internet. She was able to join me last night for the March Yelp Elite Squad dinner and party at Chef Shangri-La.

Kate is my frequent Yelp restaurant companion. She and I went to Mediterranean Oasis in Naperville, which required a bit of a sense of adventure since it's a deli counter inside a grocery store in a tucked-away and forgotten strip mall. This Yelp Elite party was a similar adventure.  Yet again, if it wasn't for Yelp, we would never have gone to this place.
It looks like a dive from the outside, but inside, it's a strangely delightful blend of Chinese and Hawaiian decor.

The service: attentive and amazing.

The drinks: dangerously delicious, belying the alcohol within.

The food: not the most memorable, but still quite tasty.

The details: We were served two drinks of our choice, and I went with the Dr. Fong and the Coco Loco. The first was quite strong, the second was creamy and dessert like.

The restaurant owner served us these two-bite vegetarian egg rolls and crab rangoon. Everything was served family style. We had Mongolian beef, fried rice and sweet and sour chicken, which was prepared with chicken breast and a homemade sauce.

The meal ended with ginger cookies and fortune cookies, and a great rockabilly band.

The swag, as usual, was quite impressive.

Thanks, Yelp Elite and Kate, for a great evening!

Read my review on Yelp.

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