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Friday, March 8, 2013

What I've Been Up To Today

I had a fantastic day today, both work and personal-wise. I had a wonderful lunch with a friend at Freshii, which is one of my favorite healthy lunch spots (you can read my review on Yelp).
After lunch and work, I headed home to get started on baking for Katie's birthday. I made cauldron cakes:
Additionally, I had butterbeer-glazed cookies and magic wands.
Tim got a plate of slightly damaged goodies to taste test. I need my quality assurance officer to check it over. Good news: they're all excellent. Based on the 4,000 calories of butterbeer glaze and chocolate I ate, we're going to have a hell of a party tomorrow.
He brought me something very special and fancy for dinner. A Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. Two, actually. The verdict? I actually would like a burrito better. There's nothing wrong with it, but nothing is all that special, either. But I love Tim for bringing it home for me. What a gentleman.
This epic Harry Potter party is tomorrow, so I will have a full report on Sunday with recipes, photos and shenanigans. 

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