Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I did not blog last night for the same reason my first week of training has sucked. Margaritas on a weeknight were a very bad idea.  Also, my stomach can't take chain restaurants anymore. My first workout today at CrossFit went fine, but when I tried to run during lunch, my stomach was all like, "Sure, you can eat 5,000 calories at once. You'll pay the price, though."
Bad choices caught on film
2. Yeah, the first week of training has been rough. The gym closest to our home closed. My other gym choice near work closed its pool for cleaning until Saturday. On the upside, they opened an interim gym while they're rebuilding the gym closest to our home. The interim location is 1 mile from my office. No pool, but it's new and empty. I'm terrified that this poor start will leave me in a lurch in the future when it comes to the half Ironman. I keep telling myself I've already run half marathons and biked 60 miles, so I can certainly do these distances if I get in as many of the training sessions each week that I can. I have to train twice a day, but I am committed to one rest day per week.
3. I used the first of our share of grassfed beef. We got a mixed share and I used one pound of the ground beef for burgers. They were delicious, and I'm looking forward to trying the other items in our share.

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Xaarlin said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Some of those things are out of your control- plus it's the first week, not an ide way to kick of 70.3 training, but certainly won't impact you in the long run bike swim :)

Things can only get better from here! Happy training!!