Kelly the Culinarian: A Look Inside a Runner's Car

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Look Inside a Runner's Car

I've talked before about how my car is the perfect triathlon wagon: the seats easily remove for toting my bike and there's plenty of storage. But storage for what? So here's a guide to all the goodies I've got stashed in my car at any given time.
Lots of liquids. Water, coffee and sports drinks are never far from my car.

Pre- and post-run food. I have a few different types of fuel and a package of rice crackers in case I get famished.

Nail files and hair ties. I like to be prepared. I have hair ties stashed everywhere - at my desk, at the kitchen sink, in the laundry room and of course, in the triathlon wagon.
Literature for the races I'm working with. You never know when someone might ask about a cool race.

Hot hands and hand sanitizer. It's cold out there, so hot hands makes me a bit more comfortable. And there are lots of port o potties in running, not all of which have hand sanitizer.

Well this looks chaotic ...
One of the things I like about the triathlon wagon are these little hooks built into the wall of the trunk. They're perfect for hanging up a wet swimsuit, goggles and swim cap.

Also, I did the math, I have four pairs of shoes in my car: old shoes for CrossFit, current shoes for running, spinning shoes from Jenny and boots that I wear to and from the gym. You'll also see I keep towels in my trunk because my gym isn't all fancy and does not have towel service. Sad.
In addition to my gym bag, I also have a bag of swim gear, reusable shopping bags (because I'm a hippie and ALDI doesn't provide bags) and my emergency provisions bag.
Please make me feel better - do you also have four pairs of shoes in your car? What's always in your car?


Alissa said...

I think I can give you a run for your money:) At any given point, I have in my car:
Several bottles of water, KIND bars, two changes of shoes, a sweater/coat/both, hand sanitizer, about a dozen pens, paper, three pairs of sunglasses, probably like 300 reusable bags, my gym bag, two umbrellas (that I always forget I have) and a stack of children's books.

Kris said...

I always think of things I SHOULD have in my car: ie old shoes/sports bra/yoga pants for if I get an urge to go run at lunch on the sweet trail near work. But then they'll last exactly one use and then I'll forget to swap them out. I also always have towels (because I'm cheap and refuse to pay for towel service that I will go out of my way to avoid having to use if at all possible), bottled water and at least some form of "healthy"-esque food. When I don't have to worry about freezing, I'll usually keep a bag of travel-sized toiletries and a quick and dirty makeup kit (one of those liner/shadow combos & wipes). It was a lot easier when I went straight home after work to sit on the couch. Or, you know, when we lived in a little blue box for 8 billion hours a week. :-)

Rebecca said...

I never keep these things in my car (except hair ties and water) and definitely should!!! I think I need to make over my car needs box.

I currently have... a car seat for my cousin's daughter, a sheet for my dogs, lots of empty water bottles, full water bottles, pens, GPS, CDs, and whatever has fallen under the seat.

Also - are you participating in Pretty Muddy or just handing out the cards? I'm doing the Chicago event and got some info cards like that as a "free gift" for signing up early.

KellytheCulinarian said...

Both, actually. I'm all signed up and was selected as an ambassador. I think I'm in the 9 a.m. wave, so I'll probably see you there!

And Alissa, your car is truly impressive then. Some things never change - you're always so prepared!

Erin said...

Oh, you took away Disqus! Were people unable to comment? I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't have problems with it.

Anyway, I see the Venus de Miles brochures in your car! Are you an ambassador for that this year? How fun!

I don't keep much stuff in my car for working out. We have a ton of reusable bags, some emergency towels & blankets, and various car repair stuff. It's mostly stocked by my husband since we share the car.

Unknown said...

I don't drive my car on a daily basis, nor do I drive it consistently for the same activities (sometimes I walk or bike to the gym). But I do have specific bags for each activity: Computrainer bag, Gym/Swim bag, work bag, etc. I'm sure I could give you a run for your money if I was driving all the time!

KellytheCulinarian said...

I ditched Disqus because so many people were having issues with it. Sorry!

I am working with Venus de Miles this year and will have more details on that later in the week.

Unknown said...

I currently have in my car (that I know of) a bike pump, yoga mat, bike helmet and gloves, several reusable grocery bags. I also have some really random stuff my dad but in there like a pocket knife which I guess might be necessary at some point?
I really need to pack a emergency provisions bag because I go to the gym without socks or a sports bra way too often. Socks I can usually make do without but all I do without a sports bra is lift and I hate when it gets all sweaty.
That stinks that you were having problems with Disqus. I dislike the Blogger comment system (no offense!) and that's why I switched to Disqus on my blog. But if people can't comment that stinks too!

KellytheCulinarian said...

I'm not a fan of Blogger's comment feature, either, but people keep having issues commenting on Disqus, so away it goes.

Losing Lindy said...

The snow shovel, the ice scraper, all of the Easter Candy the Easter Bunny might bring

Maggie W said...

I try to keep as little as possible in my car. But, a few things that have made it into my trunk and have yet to make it out: a couple collapsable camp chairs, and a soccer ball. And my yoga mat might be in there. But up front I do keep lip balm and hair tie and a hair clip handy.