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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bike to Beer

Today my alarm clock came in the form of a nine-pound yorkie. I roused when he got so anxious I knew he had to go out because he was pacing our bedroom and jumping off of the bed. He's lucky he's cute. After I took him on his walk, gave him his food and meds (still taking antibiotics from his tooth cleaning) and then packed up my car. Alyssa and I met up to take on the Fox River Trail via bike.

I've been on parts of the trail before for my first marathon and then my current PR half marathon, but this ride was actually really tough.  The gravel of most of the path made it feel like I was biking in a sinkhole. I thought we were moving forward at a decent clip, but the data didn't not support that.

Once we finally wrapped up nearly 50 miles, we decided to refuel at Emmit's, a microbrewery that was super cute inside and had a menu packed with things I wanted to eat.

After much discussion, I tried the honey ale with the slider trio. I got a mini burger topped with brie, a tiny tenderloin burger and pulled pork burger. I guess my favorite was the brie burger, but I really loved the sweet potato fries. I also tried their smoke hallis beer, which was super weird and unexpected. It was like drinking a barbecue.

In all, I kind of realized I need to do another organized ride to get in more miles. It's hard when you just make up your own route to know it's safe and a decent loop. It's nice to just follow the arrows and stop when there are places to do so.

Any suggestions for rides yet this season?


Unknown said...

North Shore century is tomorrow (maybe too soon).

Blood Sweat & Tears (a TNT ride) is next Sunday I think.

Also - look up Apple Cider century.

Losing Lindy said...

I am not a biker, but I always see a lot of bikes on the Prairie Path

Unknown said...

I did a little research on the path and it looks like they are supposed to be fixing the Fox River Trail by the end of this year.
If you go north on Fox River, it turns into the Prairie Trail (different from the Prairie Path) in Alqonquin and that trail goes all the way up to cheeseland although the last 10 or so miles it becomes a gravel path.