Kelly the Culinarian: Coffee and Cabbage

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coffee and Cabbage

Yesterday we carved pumpkins at work.
Pumpkin pi!
I made that wine one, too
And then, Tim and I ordered pizza. It really hit the spot.

This morning, I got up and headed to Mundelein for yoga with Katie. It was a wonderful class and a great way to limber up. Then, she shared a coffee secret with me: Hansa Coffee in Libertyville.
It was the cutest, coolest, most delightfully pretentious (in the best way possible) coffee shop I've ever had the pleasure to visit in the suburbs. It was like Pinterest come to life - worn leather couches, tables made from library card catalog cabinents, wood paneling and work from local artists all around the place, which is a converted garage. No joke. The coffee menu (written in chalk on a chalkboard wall) included terms like microfoam and single-sourced fair-trade hand-roasted coffee. I loved that the menu included illustrations:
I opted for an almond milk latte, which came with a free doughnut because I checked in on Yelp. I opted for a chocolate-glazed doughnut and it was awesome. A million times better than a Dunkin Donut version. And the latte? Amazing.
So much so that I brought a bag home for Tim.
Playing the role of nice wife
I had a great lunch with my sister and mom, and shopping ensued. I'm sad these boots/platform wedges did not come in my size. They finally solved my life-long dilemma: do I want to wear platforms or boots? Now I can wear both!
Yeah, I rocked my yoga clothes all day
I'm puppy sitting for my sister, so this furface came home with me. Bowie likes rides.
But not so much Napoleon. Napoleon has discovered Bowie can't get up onto the couch. Hilarity has ensued. Bowie also discovered that Napoleon has more toys than most children, so he's pretty pleased with his accommodations.
My final feat of the day included cleaning up my square foot garden for the season. I removed all the dead plants and brought my remaining cabbage inside. Here's hoping someone at next weekend's Chicago Food Swap is interested in some locally grown, organic Chinese cabbage that's as large as both of my current furry residence.


VeggieNextDoor said...

I love your Pumpkin Pi carving - what a great idea! I may borrow that next year :-)

Losing Lindy said...

love that you were in yoga clothes all day! yay for two fur faces!

Unknown said...

Such a fun morning! And, I love your Hansa description- so perfect. I love it.