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Friday, November 15, 2013

Running for More: The Miller's Quest to Run for Eric

I've known the Millers for a few years now - I ran into Bob and Diane at the Heatbreaker Indoor Half and kept in touch. If you've run a suburban half or marathon recently, chances are, you've met them, too. They're the couple leading the back of the pack and loving every minute of it. They are a staple of the running community and easily the nicest, most genuine people I've met.

Earlier this summer, I was shocked to hear that Bob and Diane's son, Eric, took his life. He was 22. I can't understand why such terrible things happen to wonderful people. I wanted to share a few words from Bob about Eric and how their running hobby has transformed in the wake of this unexpected loss.

After the death of my son, Diane and I choose to honor his life by goring for a "Run for Eric." Eric took his life after the online purchase of synthetic cannabinoids. In 50 days, our racing included 118.6 miles, elapsed time of more than 33.5 hours and more than $6,200 dollars donated To the Maximus Foundation via the Eric Adam Miller Memorial. On Sept. 22, Diane and I ran a 20-mile race at the Fox Valley Marathon and on Oct. 20, we finished Diane's first marathon, The Des Plaines River Trail Marathon.  I finished the effort with another Marathon on 11/10 at the Naperville Marathon.  

All in Eric's name.
Diane's first marathon

Our goal was to find a way to keep Eric's name alive and help a charity where we can make a difference.
In two months, Diane and I have raised more money than To The Maximus Foundation has raised in two years. TTM is a charity created to spread the word of the dangers of synthetic/fake marijuana. Eric was be the first person  memorialized in their blog and website.
Please help us keep Eric's memory alive by supporting the Eric Adam Miller Memorial.
For more information on the perils of synthetic marijuana, please watch this recent clip from CNN.
Bob's eulogy, which he shared online, was a touching tribute to Eric. Here's an excerpt:

Eric was that guy who would listen to any problem you had, big or small, and he'd help you work through it. Then after everything was fixed and the dust settled, he would remind you how good you had it. When he needed help he didn't ask for much, just the presence of some good company. Whether times were good or bad, he lived life to the fullest. 110 percent in whatever direction he chose.

As a dad,  I always wanted Eric to be more like me.  After this experience, I wish I was more like Eric.

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