Kelly the Culinarian: Long Runnin' in Style

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Long Runnin' in Style

Another Sunday, another loooong run. Today, we set out for 19 miles. The three of us training for the marathon met at 7 a.m. so we could finish around the same time as the group going for 10-13. It turned out to be the best idea ever. We saw them out on the run and doubled back, adding miles without having to think about how far we had left.
Making that hood look good since January 2014
Today's overall pace was 9:10, which is cutting it way too close for a sub-four marathon, especially since I had to make a pit stop to use the bathroom at a very permissive church along the way. Still, it's more than two minutes faster per mile than my 20-mile run last cycle (I got lost on the 19-mile run).
The aftermath.
However, I felt a hell of a lot better on this run than I did the previous week. I carb loaded with purpose yesterday, 

got up super early to eat my high-carb breakfast two hours in advance 

and fueled with honey packets and animal crackers (I'm sophisticated).

I also was not hungry for a long time after my run. I had my standard mokalita, a small brownie bite thing and beer. Then, I did not feel like eating until 3 p.m.

Now I want Froyo.


Losing Lindy said...

I hope you had froyo!

Maggie W said...

Is your goal a sub-4 marathon? If so, you probably shouldn't do your long runs at goal pace, they should be slower. You don't want to wear yourself out during your long runs. The shorter mid-week runs are for praticing goal race pace. Check out

Zenaida Arroyo said...

Awesome! You are going to rock this marathon!!