Kelly the Culinarian: The Way Back When Machine

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Way Back When Machine

It's kind of funny to look back at where you were, don't you think? I've been blogging since 2007, so here's a look at my pursuits on this day in the past:

2013: Ragnar Relay Planning Run I ran seven miles at a 9:14 overall pace with my team. Interesting, since I remember how tough it was on Old Plank Trail in New Lenox. Yesterday, I ran 18 miles at a 9:03 pace with the Western Cook Running Club in La Grange. It was tough, but I lived. I'm getting faster! I'm not doing Ragnar this year so I can focus on Ironman training. Ragnar requires a lot of planning as well as double runs and specific training, so it's just not in the cards for me this year.

2012: Cauliflower Pizza Recipe So I really loved this recipe. It was filling a guilt-free. But I don't know if I've made it since, and it's interesting that I enjoyed a dinner and haven't made it in two years.

2011: Nada, But I did make the oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies for Tim's birthday!

2010: Brunch! This was back before I was a morning person. At that time, I slept until at least 10 a.m. on weekends while Tim managed the dogface. Oh, how have times changed. Nearly every morning, I kiss Tim goodbye at 5 a.m. to head to train. Weird that was only a few years ago!

2009: Peanut butter basted ham recipe. I remember making this Paula Deen-inspired recipe and it was amazing. Ham and peanut butter are a good combo, but all things peanut butter rock.
2008: Rosemary focaccia with chipotle mayo I make this fairly often even years later. It is so delicious - salty and chewy and herbaliciously savory. Try this recipe. It's time tested and amazing.

2007: This blog was still just a twinkle in my eye. I started blogging in May 2007.

Playing reporter at the White House

White House Christmas Tree 2008
It's strange to have so many years of life's moments on the Internet.Sometimes I cringe at things I wrote in the past because they're poorly done, grammatically incorrect or just a throwback to another time that I don't wish to relive, like when my parents moved or when I lived in Tucson. Other times, looking back makes me nostalgic for another era, like when I drove cross country with Katie or had lunch at the White House. Or when we went to North Carolina with Napoleon and friends or traveled with some lovely lady bloggers to Zooma Great Lakes in 2012. Some posts just make me hungry like my no-bake peanut butter bites or flourless chocolate crinkle cookies.

How often do you look back?


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that Oreo stuffed cookie looks fabulous. I can only imagine how much planning and energy has to go in to getting ready for a Ragnar. I hope your next seven years of blogging go as well as your first seven!

Losing Lindy said...

I started blogging back in 2000 on another much growth in that time

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

I wish I had started blogging in 2008 so I could look back on my move to Chicago alone, without a job, then my booze-filled unemployment summer, meeting my husband at a dive bar and such. That would be so gratifying. LOL