Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. As a result of my CARA Athlete of the Month win (I'm still giddy!), Raissa from Team Red Cross contacted me. Her program has spots available for the Chicago Marathon and are looking for fundraising runners to join the team. Athletes get:

  • Complimentary race entry to the 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon
  • CARA Marathon Training and Membership
  • Race weekend banquet and race-day benefits
  • Customizable online fundraising page
Plus, you get to skip out on all that lottery business. Seems legit to me!

2. I took the day off yesterday and it was awesome. I enjoyed a record-setting six hours of deep sleep followed by nine miles at the gym and a good amount of being lazy. I needed it.
3. Tiffany, an alum of the ZOOMA Chicago Half Marathon Challenge that I managed, messaged me last week that she had received two of these lovely cookbook for Christmas and asked me if I'd like one. Yes, please. I haven't made anything from this book yet, but everything looks amazing. I don't know how this is a diet cookbook, but I like where they're going with this.
How do you use your personal days?


Kim said...

That was nice of you to post the Red Cross info for Raissa! She asked me to for Shamrock but I didn't want to talk about a race I am not running. I'm such a brat. I wonder how much you have to fundraise for Chicago.

Unknown said...

How exciting! Are you definitely going to run Chicago then? Woo! That cookbook looks amazing; you'll have to let us know how you like the recipes! I have a Fitbit and I think the sleep tracker is my favorite function on it--it's so cool to see how well you're sleeping!

KellytheCulinarian said...

I'm not, it's too close to Ironman Wisconsin. I want to give myself plenty of time to recuperate!

Amanda said...

Free entry to the marathon?? Wow! I wonder how much the fundraising is for that?

What app do you use for that sleep info? How do you do that?

KellytheCulinarian said...

Review coming soon on my favorite fancy app :)

Unknown said...

That's it...I want that cookbook! It's officially sitting in my Amazon cart right now. All I need is another $18 item so I can get free shipping :)


Meghan said...

I am definitely considering Chicago, so I appreciate the info!

And congrats on your win! What an awesome honor!

Losing Lindy said...

yay for you!! I can't wait to see recipes from there that you altered to make them more healthy