Kelly the Culinarian: Heavy Heart

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Heavy Heart

From Penny on National Happiness Day
A fellow Esprit de She ambassador, Penny of This Penny Tris, was killed last weekend during her first outdoor bike ride of the season. She was hit by a car. It has me all shook up. I have no idea the circumstances or whose to blame, but it doesn't much matter. Cycling, in America at least, is a dangerous sport. Not necessarily because of what you're doing, but what everyone else on the road is doing - texting, talking, reading, yelling at their kids, eating, smoking and generally paying far more attention to what's going on in the car than what's going on around it.

There's an extensive conversation going on in the ambassadors Facebook group about how we can honor her memory. At the event in Minnesota, near where she lived, the ambassadors will be meeting up to join hands and release balloons in her memory before the race. She was a very happy, vibrant person whose Instagram account was filled with smiles.

From Penny's Instagram ... Feel the Magic

Be safe out there, folks. Wear reflective. Cycle with traffic, run against is. Hold the line on your bike and forgo headphones. Don't even leave the driveway without a helmet. Get extra lights for your bike. Obey traffic signals. Be diligent, because we can't always trust motorist to take the same care.

And live life without regrets. Tomorrow is never a guarantee.