Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday: Las Vegas Edition

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Three Things Thursday: Las Vegas Edition

1. I'm in lovely Las Vegas for a speaking engagement. Yesterday, I talked to 100 NAMA OneShow attendees about the power of LinkedIn. I had lots of great questions, tweets and feedback. It was a great experience and I hope they'll ask me again. If you're interested, here's my Get LinkedIn or Locked Out deck on Slideshare. A huge thanks to NAMA for having me at this conference again.

2. The convention put me up in the Encore and it is amazing. I have never traveled quite like this and likely never will again. The view is easily the best in Vegas because my room is all the way at the edge of the hotel and on the 51st floor. I mustn't get used to this lifestyle.

The view helped take the sting out of this bad boy. I tripped right in front of the Encore on my way to the cab stand and lost a chunk of my calf on a statue out front. Which means I lost an entire night in Vegas to that statue stunt.

Injury at the Encore ... but that view.
3. I purchased tickets for Le Reve months ago when I found out I might be staying at a Wynn property. Tuesday night was my only chance to see it during this stay and after getting up at 3 a.m. to take my flight, I was worried I might fall asleep. Not a chance. This is the most incredible show I've ever seen. It was non stop action to the point I didn't know what to look at first. It's an acrobatic show on water with fountains, fire, stunts, music and synchronized swimming. I feel about this show the way I imagine kids feel about Disney. It's the closest thing to magic I'll see as an adult.


Losing Lindy said...

I just scrolled through your powerpoint, and I wish I could have been there in person. It looks extremely informative.

I hope your leg feels better soon.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you're having a good time, except for the experience with the statue. Hope the tips helped out some.