Kelly the Culinarian: Drink discovery: 71 Pale Ale

Monday, May 19, 2008

Drink discovery: 71 Pale Ale

The Ram Brewery and Restaurant is always packed. I'm not positive why, but the one in Rosemont is located close to lots of businesses and their brews are great for happy hour.

On Saturday, Tim and I went there with a friend. They always have delicious beers. Tim and I both like their blond beer (in the background), that has a light taste with a little bite as an aftertaste. Their new brew is the 71 pale ale, made with five hops to create a copper color and a nice hoppy flavor that isn't overwhelming. Sometimes, when I order hoppy beers I swear it tastes like soap. Not at all the cast with the Ram's newest brew.

As for their food, we went with appetizers. We shared the spinach and artichoke dip, which was a bit spicy and very cheesy paired with some garlic toasts. We got zingers, boneless chicken wings dipped in hot sauce, which I did not eat. We also got their potato skins -- they make them quite pretty by cutting the skins into little petals and dressing them with cheese and bacon and serving them along side sour cream sprinkled with dill.

I love appetizers and beer.

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sage said...

those beers look good--think I'll go get one out of the fridge...