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Friday, May 30, 2008

Food find: Sushi station

I love sushi, it's just delicious with so many different flavor options. And the Sushi Station in Rolling Meadows is an interesting little place.

You sit at a table or a bar in front of a giant, covered conveyor belt. All kinds of sushi move through this conveyor belt with little labels telling you what they are. When you see something you like, just pluck it off the belt.

The beauty of it is the plates are colored coded so you know how much each plate is. When you're done, the waitress adds up the plates and that's it, there's your bill.

It's just so efficient. And the sushi is mighty tasty.

I'm partial to the sushi with spicy mayo or extra wasabi worked into the roll, but that's just me. There's more sushi on the conveyor belt than is explained in the menu, but if there's something you want that isn't out there, you can always order it.

Most sushi plates are $2 to $4 a piece, but I did see some $6 plates. I avoided those ones.

The sushi was fresh, the veggies inside crisp and the rice perfectly prepared. For essentially fast-food sushi, it was quite superb.

Be aware -- those plates add up fast. Lunch can easily cost you $30 for two. But the sushi is worth it.

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