Kelly the Culinarian: Cooking with Kelly: Pretty Rose Engagement Cake

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cooking with Kelly: Pretty Rose Engagement Cake

At work, we're celebrating an engagement! Our department's administrative assistant is getting ready to tie the knot and we're all very excited for her. To celebrate the ocassion, we had a little get together with treats. I love any reason to bake, and I especially loved making this cake. I followed this super simple Rose Cake Tutorial and got great results. I should have used a larger tip for the roses, but I went with what I had.

This cake, however, isn't easy on the waistline. Those roses require a lot of frosting. In fact, this cake was probably more frosting than cake, which is fine by me. Then again, this might be why my new running compression tights are extra tight. That just makes my muscle work harder, right?

Today's training included a three-mile run, which I don't have information for in terms of speed or pace because I didn't set up the app correctly. I'm still learning how to use this phone. I followed that up with strength training, per my Fort2Base training plan. I used some apps on my phone to guide me through a quick 15-minute session of strength training. Hopefully, this offsets the totally awesome cake.

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