Kelly the Culinarian: The Long Run

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Long Run

As part of my Fort2base Race training plan, I complete one long run per week along with a host of short runs during the week. While this week's plan calls for a four-mile run, I kept up my current running level and did an eight-mile run at Busse Woods.

This place is super awesome for long runs. There's plenty of shade and it's paved. I always see wildlife on this trail and have more than once came eye to eye with a deer. My only complaint is the bathroom situation there ... it's rustic. There's no lights and while there are lovely modern flush toilets, I'd much rather trade for a pit toilet with a door on it.
Anyhow, I'm sharing my pre- and post-run food. I like to fuel with the same food. Consistency is key in preventing runner's trot. So I start most morning, and definitely every race or long run morning, with the same breakfast: whole wheat toast or English muffin topped with natural peanut butter, flax and fruit. I usually go with a sliced banana, but we were out, so no-sugar-added fruit preserve was a good substitute.

By the time we finished our eight-mile loop, it was lunch time. I finished off some leftover edamame, along with multigrain tortilla chips, salsa and a turkey sandwich with provolone, hummus and lettuce on a sandwich thin. Protein post race and long run is important, hence the variety of meat and plant protein sources. Bon appetite!

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