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Friday, June 10, 2011

I may have a problem ...

With Mexican food that borders on an obsession. When given the opportunity, Mexican food is always my choice: a little dive place with awesome tortas, a homey authentic eatery with amazing mole sauce or even the ever-delicious Taco Bell. I will eat them all, and often in the same week.

I may need an intervention.

In the meantime, let me share another awesome place with you. Tacos el Norte is a staple in this house and it has multiple locations that my family frequents. We decided to go to the Libertyville location recently so we could eat on the patio and enjoy the lovely, amazing weather we had that day. This location has gone through many reincarnations in the time I've lived in the area -- it was a tapas place, a buffet, an awesome cheapo bar I frequented and now, a Mexican place I'm super excited to visit.

Because I'm endeavoring on the Downers Grove 5 Miler Sunday, I'm taking a card from some bloggers wiser than me and getting my game day face ready. Per Healthy Tipping Point's advice, I attempted to treat my body nicely this week by eating better, hydrating like I might be trekking through the desert and avoiding alcohol. I'm seriously the lamest person ever right now.

So while my mom enjoyed a delicious-looking frozen margarita, I had a steak taco salad. It was good, but the steak was a little on the greasy side. And let's face it, I'd much rather be eating steak tacos with cilantro and onion and a side of beans and rice. And a giant margarita.

Wish me luck on Sunday!

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