Kelly the Culinarian: Fort2Base Eating Program

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fort2Base Eating Program

Diets suck. I don't do them. I certainly don't succeed at them or stick to them. So instead, I focus on eating well. I like to think that I'm not a dieter, but I'm a healthy eater. I eat food I enjoy like Taco Bell, cake, ice cream and burgers, but I'm working on all things in moderation.

On the Insanity program, I was provided a meal plan that I found very helpful. The program focuses on five small meals per day that are mostly protein based and includes lots of whole grains.

So I'll be following the same sort of structure leading up to this race. Here's what a typical day looks like for me:

7 a.m.: 1/2 cup Special K with 1 tablespoon flax, 1 tablespoon PB2, 1/2 skim milk and 1 sliced banana

10 a.m.: 1 apple with almond butter, string cheese and a baked oatmeal square

1 p.m.: Salad with 1 tablespoon dressing, yogurt with granola, carrot sticks with 1 tablespoon hummus

4 p.m.: 2 ounces of ham, 2 ounces of turkey, 1 ounce of cheese

7 p.m.: Turkey bacon, lettuce and tomato on a sandwich thin, edamame

If I'm going to have something decadent, like cake, I try to have it during the day so that I have time to digest it without disrupting my evening workout.

I also let myself have Taco Bell once a week. Old habits die hard.

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