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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm An Award-Winning Blogger!

I recently found out that I was a finalist for the How to Cook Fantastic Food Web site of the Year. I didn't win, but I'm still excited I was nominated. I got a certificate any everything!
And thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes for Napoleon. He's pretty much back to normal, but has to eat soggy food for a few days. I'm sure he misses his favorite toys and treats, but he'll be back to normal food and toys in five days.

I also got all my initial order of triathlon gear for the swim portion, including a swim cap, goggles and swim suits. One fit, and one didn't, so that sucks. Of course, it's the cheap suit that doesn't fit. I'm also still on the hunt for a bike and I hope to start swimming at a gym next month. Here's to another adventure.

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