Kelly the Culinarian: Photos from the Day: Jan. 2

Monday, January 2, 2012

Photos from the Day: Jan. 2

Today was a lovely and busy day. I got up early and had a breakfast of Aldi's version of Kashi GoLean Crunch, rice squares and banana. Then I hit the road to visit my friend, Jackie. She has the most adorable apartment I've ever seen. It's vintage with original hardwood floors, this awesome built-in curio cabinet, high ceilings and crown molding. I really wish it wasn't creepy to take photos of other people's houses, because her decor is so cute. I stopped to shop on my way into the city and saw this beauty. At least Paula Deen owns her demons.

Then I headed off to the Whole Foods in Lincoln Park for a meeting with the folks at the Fort2Base Race. We're working on the ambassador program and I'm so excited to get it off the ground and running. I had an awesome lunch from my beloved hot bar, which was impressive. This place makes the Whole Foods I normally visit look like a mini mart. It has a wine bar! And a stage, coffee bar and every type of cuisine you can imagine made to order. I might be in love.

Post meeting, I headed back home to workout, shower again and chill. I did my first day of the second month of Insanity and it was rough. It didn't help that I had to do a half and hour fit test before the hour of interval training. There's absolutely nothing on TV tonight, so I'll be relaxing, reading and getting ready for my first day of the year in the office tomorrow.

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