Kelly the Culinarian: New Year's Eve 2011 - Party Like the Undead at Zombie Prom

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011 - Party Like the Undead at Zombie Prom

My college roommate, friend and partner in crime Alissa has the best parties. We used to have these awesome parties in college the centered around my chocolate fountain. Then there was her wedding reception, which is still being talked about years later. And there was the '90s New Year's Eve party that featured all the scrunchies, side pony tails and Saved By the Bell you could handle. This year, though, was epic. In fact, it was killer.

Welcome to Zombie Prom, a night under the stars featuring glitter, rhinestones, the undead and brains. I love our prom picture and need an 8 by 10 of it to hang next to our wedding photos. I think might have taken this theme a little too far because if we had gotten pulled over last night, we would have gone to jail because there is no way to explain this outfit. Sad fact - all the make up I wore I already owned. The zombie complexion isn't that much of a stretch for me.

Mandy gave me an old dress that she also wore for a costume contest, which I ripped to shreds and stained with red nail polish and cranberry juice. It's a good thing she didn't want it back.

Just for reference, here's Mandy in the dress for her party and then a closer shot of the "after" of the dress. I also messed up my hair in a big way, leaving Alissa to say that I looked like I was channeling my inner Helena Bonham Carter.

This party was hilariously themed and included prom decorations, blood stains and voting for prom king and queen. I ate too much awesome food and played Apples to Apples a little too loudly. Thanks for another epic New Year's, Alissa!


Maggie W said...

Haha what a great idea! Love your ensemble!

Kim said...

That is so so cool. I love Zombies. And I love your outfit. What a fun way to ring in the new year!!!

Alissa said...

So glad you had a good time! Now to start thinking of a fun theme for next year...