Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Insanity Day 37

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Training Tuesday: Insanity Day 37

New year, new goals, new box of green tea. It's all good.

After my month of illnesses, I've been slightly derailed in my Insanity training plan. It's going to take me more than the prescribed 60 days, but I'm sticking with it. I started month two yesterday, with the intention of finishing the program in early February. I did my Fit Test yesterday and took my measurements again. If I measured correctly (which I might not have), I've lost two inches on my waist. However, I've failed to lose much weight. I'm back at 128 (damn you awesome food at Zombie Prom!) and have high hopes of reaching my goal weight by March 31.

After I wrap up Insanity, I'm going to make my first foray into working out at a gym since college. Back in the day, my college's gym was ridiculously terrible. They had less than 20 cardio machines for 5,000 undergrads. However, I got a free membership at an off-campus gym for some volunteer work I did. It was a beautiful facility with classes, brand-new equipment, an indoor track and pools. I could kick myself for not taking advantage of this opportunity more.

Since then, I tried a women-only gym for a few months, which didn't do wonders for me. After three months, I think I lost one pound. It just wasn't enough for me to see much progress, even when working out as they prescribed.

I've managed to lose about 15 pounds on my own, without a gym. Now, I'd like to join a gym not necessarily to lose weight, but instead, to use all the tools available to get more fit. Specifically, I want to join a gym that has a pool so I can work on my swimming. I have a big dream that I'm chasing of becoming a triathlete, but I'm not going to be able to do it on my own. If you're a triathlete and wouldn't mind me picking your brain, I'll bring the treats!

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