Kelly the Culinarian: Mid-Month Meatless May Challenge Check-In

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mid-Month Meatless May Challenge Check-In

It's halfway through my Meatless May Challenge, and I have to say that's it's going pretty well. I'm not missing meat at all. I've found a ton of tasty alternatives and have enjoyed all the foods I've eaten. I might actually be enjoying it too much, as my weight has fluctuate quite a bit this month.

I've eaten in restaurants twice this month, once at a chain restaurant and once at an independent place. Both times, the wait staff was more than happy to help me out. At Chili's, I got vegetarian fajitas that were excellent, and at a Cuban place nearby, the manager told me she could make anything on the menu that I wanted vegetarian. At work items, meals that are catered usually include a vegetarian option, but I pack my own snacks anyways, so I've never gone hungry.

And at home, I'm golden. I do the grocery shopping here, so it's been easy to pick up the foods I need. Athletic-wise, I don't think giving up meat has made any difference in my performance. I still have plenty of energy and my times are about the same.

The only aspect of not eating meat that's been difficult is the social angle. People get uncomfortable when they hear I'm not eating meat, which certainly isn't my intention. I don't want to make a stand, I just want to fill my stomach. I also feel difficult asking anyone to make accommodations for me. For example, I'm going to a conference tomorrow, and I'm not positive they'll have meatless options. Sure, I could have asked for an option to be ordered, but I feel guilty asking anyone to go out of their way for me. I'm eat this way because I choose to, not because I need to. It's awkward for me, to say the least.


Kim said...

Don't feel guilty. Lots of people asks for modifications on their food. Think of it that way.

I was talking to my husband about this tonight (because we get A LOT of comments on our diets) - why why why do people care so much what others eat?!

Erin said...

I'm always surprised that people don't make sure there's a vegetarian option when planning a conference or a large group gathering where they don't know everyone attending. Of course, you can't plan for every person but it seems like vegetarian is a pretty safe one to plan on!