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Monday, May 28, 2012

Puppy Love

See the bed face?
There's the ever-popular tall tale that the Eskimos had scads of words for snow, which is false, but another culture does have a multitude of words to describe snow and ice). I think the sentiment rings true, however. The more important something is to you, the more words and nicknames you have to describe it.

Since we brought Napoleon home three years ago this weekend, we changed his name from Snickers, but he goes by many monikers.

His nicknames, in part, include: baby sir, sir Leon, the boss, little boss, puppy face, puppy baby, fur face, wafflebot, Mr. Man, baby dictator, bed face, pretty kitty (he has many cat mannerism), pumpkin eater, scavenger and the ridiculous one.

Napoleon is the first dog I've ever had. When we first brought him home, I was not the ideal dog mom. Within the first week, I accidentally let him escape out the back and didn't realize for at least 15 minutes. In a panic, I threw on my clothes and ran down the front staircase, already imagining our new family member a million miles away playing with new doggy siblings in Maine or Alaska. I threw open the door, ready to run the neighborhood like a mad woman looking for a small and fast brown dog.

Napoleon was sitting on the front porch, waiting to be let back into his home. He barely knew us, but he loved us.
A dramatic re-enactment
Thanks, my dog of many names, for not running away for the past three years. You'll always be my favorite yorkie.


Erin said...

The same thing happened to me with Trinka Deu when we brought her home...and she wasn't even my first dog!

Napoleon may be a little dictator but his cute bed face makes up for it :-)

bobbi said...

So so so CUTE!

Unknown said...

awwww so cute! we have many names for Olive: princess, angel (ha), furball, rotten, rotten furball, kitten mittens (, kitty mitty.