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Friday, May 11, 2012

Fashion Friday

My mom requested that I bring these fashion posts back, and I'm not one to disappoint my mother. Especially so close to Mother's Day. These are actually outfits from the past two weeks, so please don't think I wore the same cardigan every day.
The khakis from Anne Taylor via the $.33 sale at the thrift store, the top from Banana Republic and the cardigan is Old Navy via Goodwill. The necklace Tim gave me for Christmas in 2002 - it's a gold and diamond heart.
Pants from Banana Republic, dress shirt from the $.33 sale at the thrift store and the necklace is from my mom.
I wear glasses sometimes, but mostly when I forget to bring my contacts to the gym. These are a pair of $8 glasses I bought from  Zenni Optical. Same 'ol cardigan, grey shirt from JCP, skirt from Banana Republic and shoes from Nine West via TJMaxx. The belt is from The Limited and I bought the necklace at a charity auction a few years ago.
Hello, blurry Kelly.  Stop moving and take a photo. This is a skirt from JCP's petite section, a dress shirt from H&M, flats from Ross and a scarf from the thrift store.

I love this khaki dress I got from Goodwill. I've worn it with a dark cardigan and scarf, and then a bright cardigan and belt. Now I wore it over a dress shirt from a $.33 sale at the thrift store. I'm really getting my $2 worth out of this one. The necklace is from The Limited and the shoes are from the clothing swap. Thanks, Maggie!

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Erin said...

I love them all! The last one, though, is definitely a keeper! What a great find.