Kelly the Culinarian: Friday Fashion

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Fashion

Tim, Napoleon and I are on an epic road trip at the moment, but I thought I'd share the outfits I rocked this week while we're somewhere between Chicago and Mars.

Monday included a JCPenney T-shirt, Banana Republic Skirt, awesome boots from JCPenney, a belt from The Limited and a cardigan sweater from Old Navy via the thrift store (Just $5!). You know what would have made this outfit better? A bra. I got the the gym and discovered I didn't have one. CVS, Walgreens and Jewel do not carry any form of bra, in case you're wondering. So instead, I free-boobed it for the day.
Tuesday was gorgeous in Chicago, so I busted out a spring outfit. This was totally thrifted, and included a Lands' End cardigan and khaki sheath dress from the Gap, both purchased at Goodwill. The sweater was $5 and I think the dress was $2. I need to take in that cardigan for a more streamlined look. The belt is from The Limited and the necklace is from JCPenney (starting to realize my favorite stores?).
Wednesday was another lovely day in the Chi. These shoes, however, were not lovely and will only be worn for special occasions from now on. Ouch. The peep-toe pumps are from JCPenney, the pants from Banana Republic, The top from The Limited and the cardigan from Nordstrom Rack.
Thursday, also known as my Friday and Taco Bell day. Doritos Locos Tacos, you are my sunshine. And you're kind of the same color as the sun in my childhood photos, so it works out. This sweater is from The Limited, as is the necklace. These denim dress pants are from the petite section of JCPenney.


Erin said...

Very cute this week! I think Monday and Tuesday's outfits are my favorites.

Alissa said...

Kel, you are so pretty and stylish! I loooove those boots!
I had a fab find at the JCP in Peoria last weekend - an adorable tan trumpet skirt for $2, plus tights for $1 a pair. I thought of you:)

Unknown said...

Haha, I love that you went braless at the office! I've done that before too, not because I forgot my bra, but because I used to wear the wrong size and bras were a giant pain in the ass (er, boob). I highly recommend getting a fitting at Intimacy, by the way. I wear bras again. (Well, to the office, I try to go braless as much as possible on the weekends.)

Kim said...

Love the looks! Cannot believe you were able to go braless! Ahh! Ahh, as in Awesome. Ha ha ha.

I like the belted looks the best too! Something about a belt that ties it all together :)

KellytheCulinarian said...

Alissa, I'm sad about Jcp's new marketing strategy. I loved the coupons and clearance section, so I don't know if their deals will be history. It was certainly less busy the last time I stopped in.