Kelly the Culinarian: Happy 100th Birthday, Oreo!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday, Oreo!

What a fabulous holiday. Oreos turned 100 today and I'm happy to celebrate.  I do really love oreos, so check out my favorite Oreo recipes:

Devilish Oreo Brownie Recipe: Oreos sandwiches between peanut butter and nutella, then encased in a cupcake-sized brownie and topped with icing. I made these for Mandy's birthday this year.

The Inception Cookie Recipe: Try this Oreo inside of a creamy, chewy chocolate chip cookie that I made for Tim's birthday last year.

Oreo Truffles Recipe: Crushed Oreos mixed with cream cheese, then rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate. These were my holiday gift to coworkers two years ago.

Fabulous Frozen Chocolate Delight Recipe: This no-bake chocolate mousse cake has a delicious Oreo cookie crust.

Chocolate Bark Recipe: Two types of chocolate combine with peanut butter and Oreos for a crunchy and creamy no-bake chocolate bark.

Ultimate No Calorie Left Behind Brownie Recipe: A chocolate chip cookie base is filled with Oreos, the topped with brownies.


Kim said...

I think I need to try them inside of a cookie. Okay, I need to try all of these. My coworker has made me the vegan oreo truffles before! YUM!

Erin said...

Oh my god. These are look so good and I don't even like Oreos! Actually, that's not entirely true. I think I like them in things. Which is why these are making me drool.