Kelly the Culinarian: Fashion Friday

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion Friday

I skipped last week because I was traveling, so here are a few outfits from last week and a few from this week.
St. Patrick's Day outfit. Green shirt from the thrift store ($.33!), black cardigan from Nordstrom Rack, shamrock scarf my mom gave me and thrift store jeans.

I just wanted to mention that this trench came from Forever 21 and the scarf from Pier 1 Imports. It's my favorite scarf, so soft and velvety.

Live, from the bathroom of the Met! Blue T-shirt from Target, cardigan from Old Navy via the thrift store, belt from the Limited and dangly earrings from JCPenney (maybe?).
Pants and top from Banana Republic, cardigan making an appearance again and a belt that came attached to another outfit. 

I love this dress so much, partly because it was the first size 6 I ever bought. It's also really flattering and I always get a lot of compliments about it. It's from Macy's, the belt is from The Limited, the shoes are from Payless and the necklace is from JCPenney.

Fun note: my company's logo is gold and blue. I managed to wear both colors, in about the right shade, in one week. Yay for company pride.
The shirt is from JCPenney, the necklace was a gift from my mom, the skirt is from The Gap via Goodwill and the shoes are from Ross.


Kim said...

I see why you get so many compliments on that blue dress. It's fab! I would be excited to be a size 6 too!

And I love the green on green combo!

Unknown said...

I love the belted cardigan!!

Erin said...

That blue dress is amazing! You look really good in that color, too.