Kelly the Culinarian: Fashion Friday

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion Friday

Again, I managed to miss some of the outfits this week. Oh well. Here's my best shot.
Black skirt from Target (thanks mom!), white company logo dress shirt and sweater vest from Goodwill for $1.49. Flat Dr. Scholl's shoes.

This dress was a gift from my mom from the Old Navy clearance rack. My mom is a deal ninja. The necklace is also from my mom. The belt is from Forever 21 and the shoes are Payless. I debated whether this was too short for work, but what the hell, blue is my color and I have runner's legs now, so I went for it.

I'm undecided on this top. It's from French Connection via the thrift store, so it's one of my $.33 beauties. But I think the Asian-inspired kimono styling looks slightly maternity. What can you expect for $.33? Also, Banana Republic pants, Payless shoes and JCP necklace.

Yay for the thrift store! This is my $1.95 J. Crew jacket, paired with a clearance shirt from the Gap and my Banana Republic skirt. I remember debating buying this skirt when Tim took me shopping for my birthday because it was more than I usually spend on a single item of clothing, but I wear it all the time.


Erin said...

The blue dress is great for work! Doesn't look too short in the photo, anyway. I like the sweater vest, too.

I'm not feeling the red top as much, though.

KellytheCulinarian said...

Agreed. It might go back to the thrift store from where it came.

Alissa said...

Those kimono tops are hard to wear. I hate them because of the inevitable boob spillage, even with a cami underneath.

I remember the days we lived in nothing but yoga pants and hoodies ...

Becca said...

How have I not run into you taking photos in the work bathroom? Oh yea, you get to work at the crack of dawn when I'm just leaving the house.