Kelly the Culinarian: Friday Fashion

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fashion

Per Erin's request, I had to post a photo of the outfit that accompanies the necklace I made this week. I meant to blog the four out of five outfits I wore this week that were winners, but I had crappy photos for two of them. Taking photos of myself in the bathroom at work is surprisingly more difficult that I imagined. However, I can't take a photo at the gym in front of their giant mirrors because that would also be awkward. I also had a super cute skirted number this week and a wrap dress from Goodwill, but alas, the photos weren't working for me.

On the left is my outfit from Monday, which was a shirt and pants from Banana Republic and jewelry from Rachael's wedding. On the left is today's outfit, which is Banana Republic pants, a T-shirt from JCPenney, a cardigan from H&M and the necklace I made. Same flat shoes in both, because I'm going for comfort.
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Erin said...

That necklace really makes that outfit pop! Super cute.

You know what would make the outfit on the left even better? A belt :-) You have such a tiny waist. Show it off!

Kim said...

I hate it when I try to take a self body shot and cannot get a good pic. We don't have a full length mirror at home (and I keep my work shoes at work anyway).

I love both outfits! I am very partial to purple :)