Kelly the Culinarian: Food Find: A Polish Food Extravaganza!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food Find: A Polish Food Extravaganza!

This morning, Tim and I had to get blood drawn for medical insurance tests. Super lame. Even worse, I had to fast for the test. When we finally left, I was starving and hangry. We were close to two Polish places I'd been meaning to try. First, we went to Hanna's Bakery, which has all sorts of treats that I couldn't even identify. We walked out with a box of kolaches, a Polish cookie that's made of a tender pastry wrapped around fruit preserves and topped with sugar. These were apricot and plum kolaches, and were topped with granulated sugar instead of the powdered sugar that I've seen before. Tim commented that these were authentic and better than most. I really enjoyed the plum - it was sweet and a bit tart.

Next up, we decided to stop at St. Andrew's Ukranian Church. We pass all the time and have been meaning to stop in because the place sells periogies from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday as a fundraiser. They sell sauerkraut, potato and cheese pierogi $5 per dozen. We got the cheese and potato, then headed home. The pierogi was served warm in a butter sauce and they were actually really good. I prefer the potato pierogi, which had a hint of onion. I wasn't a big fan of the cheese pierogi, which was some kind of ricotta mix.

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Erin said...

Mmmm, pierogi! I love them. The first time I had them I was like, wait, you mean you put mashed potatoes in pasta? Who wouldn't love that??