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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Love the Postal Carrier

After work tonight, I met MacKenna for a drink and dinner, then shopping. We had a great time - I got an adorable cheap skirt at H&M and MacKenna got several items for an upcoming trip. When I got home, I received a pleasant surprise:

Eat & Run from Kim! I asked her earlier this week if I could borrow it from her based on her review. She said that she already gave it to another running buddy, but would pass it along to me when it was returned. I was so surprised to see it in my mailbox and can't wait to read it! That Kim, she's a thoughtful one.

The other thing that arrived that I'm not as enthusiastic about is my new triathlon suit. I bought this two-piece suit off of The Clymb because it was such a great deal. With shipping, I got this suit for $75. I'm not so sure I like it, though, or if I need to size up or what.  I certainly have a muffin top, but I've noticed none of these outfits are all that flattering.  Maybe it's just in my head? I'll try it on again tomorrow before I decide.
Plus side? My new tri kit matches my bathroom.  I'm all about coordination.


Erin said...

I swear to you, triathlon clothes are the least flattering things ever. Yours doesn't look bad in the photos but I understand how it could make a person self-conscious. I think that's secretly why professional triathletes are so buff. It's not from working out so much. It's so they can actually look decent in their trisuits.

Kim said...

There is something missing from this post - the pic of your new skirt!

Happy you were surprised by the book! :)

And regarding the tri suit, I was going to say something similar to Erin - I don't think they are meant to be flattering! And I think yours is cute. I love the blue :)