Kelly the Culinarian: The End of an Era

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The End of an Era

In my short lifespan, I have lived in no less than 10 different houses. We moved a lot as kids, living in some locations for less than a year.

So houses are just places for us - I'd have to go on a magical international voyage to see all the places I experienced life's milestones at.

But now, my family is saying goodbye to another place. My parents sold the house we've called home for more than 15 years.

My mom never saw this place before she moved in, following the moving truck to the house sight unseen. My parents didn't think we'd be here long, so they snagged a house in a good school district to live in "for now."

Roughly 10 years after my parents started talked about moving, the time has come. They sold the house about two weeks ago and will close on the deal in a few days. While this is just a house, it is the house where we held my graduation, engagement and countless other parties.
Circa 2007
And where Katie got on her first school bus as a kindergartner.
Pictures from when Katie was in Kindergarten, along with the Molly doll we found today
Where my sisters and I learned to drive ... in the same car through the years.  It's seen many abuses, but it's still rocking the radio Tim installed when I was 17.  I thought I was so badass blasting 50 cent, because that's as rebellious as an honor student in the suburbs can be.
So today, Tim and I went over to pack up my parents belongings for the next stage of life. My old bedroom, where I did my homework, filled out college applications and dreamed of the future is empty now.
And the clothes I came home from the hospital in are carefully packed away ... after a little bit of fun. 
Funny, it doesn't fit anymore
We found all sorts of relics in house, including a tape (a tape!) of the Macarena.

We've packed up all my parents stuff and caravaned it over to the next house. But our memories will never fit in that little trailer. We know that wherever my parents end up, it's just another location where we'll celebrate more birthdays, graduations and life milestones. Tomorrow, it's back to moving, cleaning, organizing and unpacking for the first time in more than a decade. And for the first time in more than 20 years, we're doing this as a family.


Hyacynth said...

Awwww. God speed as they move into their next adventure. :-)

Kim said...

Hey Macarena!

It's so nice that you are all helping!

That is amazing that your mom had never seen the house before you moved in. We have seen a few shows where the husband picks out the house w/o the wife seeing it, and I'm like... "that wouldn't work for me."

I was just asking Steven yesterday if he was nostalgic when his parents sold their place. I was asking because my mom and sister still (after almost 10 years) miss my mom's mom's place. Sigh. It sounds like you have a healthy relationship with the parting.

Erin said...

Oh man, I cried when my parents sold the house I lived in and/or called home for all of high school and college. But now I love their current house. Just have to make some new memories!

Unknown said...

*tear* I can only imagine all the emotions you are feeling with this huge change! Stay positive and look at this as a new incredible chapter in your family's life. There will be many more memories to come :)


Katie said...

I enjoy my Kindergarten montage of photos. I feel like there should be a picture of me doing something incredibly stupid, as I was prone to that at that age.