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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Health, Health Baby

Another lovely yet whirlwind weekend! After I signed off yesterday, I met Rachael and Brian for lunch at Seasons 52. They drove all the way out to the suburbs to see little old me. I am honored.

Seasons 52 was awesome and I love the concept.  The food there is super fresh and dictated by what is available seasonally, and every dish is 475 calories or less. I'm totally sold. I love that I can order anything on the menu absolutely guilt free.  Plus, the place is really classy and has a sophisticated, modern feel without a super pricey menu.  I got the roasted vegetable sandwich, which I think was $10ish.  It was so tasty. Any time I can get goat cheese on my sandwich for less than 500 calories, I'm all in.

After a morning run today and several hours of shopping (my husband is a patient saint), we went for a second health-focused meal. I checked GrouponNow and saw that Muscle Maker Grill had a special on there.  Even though something marketed as "healthy comfort food" sounds disasterous, I was quite happy with how it turned out. I feel bad for this joint, because I think it would thrive in a more affluent area as it's pretty pricey. For an appetizer, two entrees and two sodas, it was about $20 with the Groupon and would have been close to $40 otherwise. Yikes.

Anyhow, the honey barbecue chicken appetizer had a great sauce, but the chicken was a tad tough.  My El Mexicana dish of brown rice, beans, cheese, salsa and tomatoes was awesome and filling, and Tim's premium burger was quite tasty and featured lean beef. His burger came with western-style potatoes, which were really spicy.  I'd go back to the place, but only if there's another Groupon for it.

We ended our afternoon with some deliciously unhealthy choices at whole paycheck. Raw goat cheese with cranberries and a side of black mission figs, coming right up ... And curses to Sierra for exposing me to this life-changing combination!


Anonymous said...

So glad you loved Seasons 52! It was one of the healthiest meals I've had in quite some time...

Well. I also had one of the dessert shooters. So there was that... :p

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about Seasons 52! I'm really intrigued!

Kim said...

I need to get to Seasons 52!