Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Race Plans

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Training Tuesday: Race Plans

Add running shoes and this is what I'm wearing
On Saturday, I'm tackling my last race of 2012. Jenny and her friend Barb will join me for the Reindeer Run in Wheaton. This is the first time I'll actually race in a long time. I'm nervous as I haven't logged my typical miles, certainly nowhere near the training I was doing during my last 5K PR this June. I don't anticipate setting a new personal record, but I do want to put forth my best effort for my last 2012 race.

At the very least, I intend to be the fastest costumed person there.  I will be dressed as a bag of coal, which is also what I wore for Halloween this year.

I may not PR, but I hope I'll have better results than the last time I raced in Wheaton.  The Cosley Zoo 10K I ran during the summer was a huge fail since I didn't get an official time, didn't get my money back and received not a damn thing for a race I paid for but didn't feel like I even raced without a time.

Here's hoping I get at least a time, and hopefully a decent time.


Maggie W said...

Good luck!!!!

Kim said...

Are the races put on by two different companies? Hopefully it was just that one that messed up! And I hope you get the time you want, and have fun even if you don't :)