Kelly the Culinarian: Tricks and Treats

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tricks and Treats

I still can't quite feel my fingers post Indy Monumental Marathon, and my hip is still quite achy. As a result, I'll be taking a few days off from running to get back in the swing of life.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying an array of trick or treats.

Treat: Cheering Tim on at the Hot Chocolate 15K yesterday.  I'm so proud of him - he finished in 1:27:35 and says he's ready for a half marathon now!  He's weighing his race options now and I can't wait to cheer him to the finish line again.

Trick: He let me have some of his finisher's mug, which was generous, since there wasn't much to share. His mug contained one small cup of hot cocoa, dipping chocolate, an un-ripe banana, a single apple slice, one marshmallow, three pretzels and a teeny tiny rice krispie treat.  At least he got a technical sweatshirt ... because that "mug" went right in the trash.
Treat: My sister, Mandy, stopped by with her new dog, Bowie.  
What a little ham. He's a 3-year-old Pomeranian who was rescued from a high-kill shelter.  He doesn't quite know how to be a dog and do things like fetch, play with toys or socialize with other dogs. He's so timid that he makes Napoleon look like a jerk.
Trick: Getting two dogs to look at a camera at the same time.  Not happening. Luckily, they got along, and I hope they'll be best buds someday soon.
Treat: I got a prize pack from Fake Meats for their Halloween pumpkin carving contest.  It's full of a ton of tasty vegetarian and vegan treats.  I can't wait to eat them all.

But, I have to pace myself, because I'm in for one final treat today: I'm headed to Girl and the Goat for dinner tonight with a friend.  I've heard so many great reviews and I can't wait to try everything. My appetite is still crazy post marathon, so this will be a much appreciate culinary adventure.


Erin said...

Looking forward to your blog post about Girl and the Goat!!

Kim said...

I am worried about your fingers!

Congrats to Tim! I hope he had fun!

And I hope you like the FM package! Thanks for the shoutout! And seriously, let me know what you think of Vegan Dream - it's my fave jerky :)

Anonymous said...

Finisher's mug sucked. I was embarrassed to be volunteering to hand them out... meh.

Maggie W said...


Sierra said...

You won! Yay!

That chocolate was SUCH a let down. Kelly Wilson and I were trying to think of creative things to do with the mugs and there is pretty much nothing.

I can't believe you just ran another marathon...your crazy and I love it.