Kelly the Culinarian: Three Thing Thursday

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Thing Thursday

1. Napoleon was a very, very bad boy today. People who don't have dogs probably don't want to hear about this unpleasantness, but it required that I give him a bath and clean up lots of surfaces in my home. I am so very, very annoyed.
He's lucky he's cute.
2. I'm not putting up Christmas decorations this year. Call me a scrooge, but I'll be busy this holiday season, so I might a well let it go.
Last Christmas
3. I got a mention on DailyBuzz this week! They chose to highlight my post about 7 lessons I learned in CrossFit Foundations. Thanks, DailyBuzz!


Unknown said...

Aw no Christmas decorations? It's ok...last year was the first year we put up a tree and decorations in four years! Plus, there are plenty of Christmasy things all over the city and stores so you won't be missing out on too much.

Kim said...

I am thinking I might not put up decorations too. Just because we will not be here for Christmas and I don't want to put them away after the holiday. Ha!

Did Napoleon have an accident in the house? I am not sure what dogs do to be naughty. I know what Data does! Ha!