Kelly the Culinarian: The Perfect Turkey

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Perfect Turkey

We all know I don't eat a ton of meat.  However, when I do eat meat, I want to make sure that it's worth eating, meaning it's prepared thoughtfully and tastes great.  I also prefer lean cuts of meat, and 'tis the season for turkey.
Chilling turkey

With a little help from Snazzy Gourmet, I know this year's bird is going to be awesome. I used their Gourmet Gobbler kit to brine a turkey breast as a dress rehearsal for the holidays (and also because it was on sale and Tim likes turkey sandwiches).
Brining meat produces a juicy end result every time. It's science. Really, it is, Alton Brown says so:

(This clip is so old school that it references pagers!)

This particular kit gives a flavor double-whammy with a brining mix and a flavor rub.  For all the complexity of the end result, the preparation is simple.

If you want to wow your Thanksgiving guests, you can use the discount code "culinarian" when you purchase the kit from Snazzy Gourmet.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Gourmet Gobbler Kit as part of this post. As always, the opinions are 100 percent mine.


Pete B said...

Thanks for the turkey brining secrets video. Very interesting!

Luke said...

I had 2 steaks for dinner