Kelly the Culinarian: Cramming for Ironman 70.3 Racine

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cramming for Ironman 70.3 Racine

The only comparison I have for how I feel right now in college, those last few weeks before finals. Remember that? You're a bit bleary and definitely weary, but ready to get done. I always wondered if my preparations were enough, and compared my preparations to my peers. I would think if I'd regret missing that study session or skipping something that seemed consequential at the time.

Alas, all the training has been done. Nothing I do today, tomorrow or the next day will help me. In fact, I only stand to injure myself this week, so it's best to not get crazy with the weights and I definitely won't be trying anything new.

But here's what I am doing to prepare for this weekend.

  • Hydrating until my eyeballs float. It's going to be hot, humid and sunny. I need whatever extra I can get.
  • Eating clean. I will not be eating anything unfamiliar. My tummy has raised objections to all sorts of things in the past, and now is not the time to tax it.
  • Making a packing list. There's a lot of gear you need to swim, bike and run, along with stay in a hotel the night before. Good thing I drive an SUV ...
  • Take my vitamins. It can only help at this point.
  • And probiotics. My tummy enjoys these little critters.
  • Fill up on inspiration. I'm completing Chrissie Wellington's book that my friend, Caroline, sent me. It does actually boost my spirits to read about how as a world champion, Chrissie was swimming in a borrow wetsuit and running with $20 sunglasses.
  • Foam rolling. I want to keep my muscles loose and limber and roll away any soreness. I'm also getting a gentle massage on Friday to relax me, and doing a yoga session Saturday morning to help focus my mind.
  • Visualizing myself being successful. This may sound corny, but most sports are mind over matter. So I spend a few quiet moments everyday picturing each stage of the triathlon and thinking about completing it comfortably and pain free.
  • Reading Racine race reports. I've re-read Alyssa and Steena's summaries from last year and whatever I can find on the interwebs to prepare myself for the terrain and conditions.
  • Gave Napoleon a bath. Because come Sunday, he will have a new medal to model :)

Do I wish I had done more open water swimming and more speedwork (and more running in general)? Yes. Do I wish I had a more solid nutrition plan? Yes.

But what's done is done and what will be will be.

See you Sunday, finisher's medal.


Amanda said...

Good luck Kelly! Can't wait to hear!

Kim said...

Good luck!

Unknown said...

You're going to awesome and you are SO READY for this!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

The Brit With A Blog said...

OMG are u still talking about this stupid ironman training, just go, have fun, finish and well celebrate with cake and facials (yes in that order)

Good luck bitch xxxxx

Nicole Kesten said...

you will do awesome! cannot wait for you to own it!

Losing Lindy said...

I know you are going to do an awesome job. You are very inspiring! I do have a request to grab supper sometime afterwards. :) I will be cheering for you. there a website to track your progress?

KellytheCulinarian said...

There's an app called IronTrac where you can track athletes on your iPhone or iPad. It's $.99 for the app, and I haven't been able to find a free solution. My bib number is 915.

Dan K said...

Going to be Epic that day!!!