Kelly the Culinarian: Yelp Elite's Great Steak-cation at Longhorn Steakhouse

Friday, July 12, 2013

Yelp Elite's Great Steak-cation at Longhorn Steakhouse

Getting invited to Yelp events is pretty awesome. It's one of the benefits of submitting tons of reviews and using the app diligently.

This week, I had the pleasure of attending another event, this time at Longhorn Steakhouse. Before you get all judgmental about the establishment, know that I've been there before, outside of this event, and it was surprisingly upscale. Last go around, Tim and I had a giftcard and I ordered a delicious dish off of their healthy menu for lunch. We were both happy with the quality of our meal, so I was looking forward to a second round there for the Yelp Elite's Steak-cation.

We started the evening with swag, appetizers and drinks. We tried the shrimp and the stuffed mushrooms, both of which I thought were fine, but normally wouldn't have ordered. The bread there is always good.
We then learned about the different cuts of steak the location offers. Most people ordered the giant ribeye, but I went with the filet. After an awesome salad, our meals arrived.

And my dinner was ginormous.

Despite the deliciousness of it all, I boxed up half of it to take home, because dessert was still on the menu.

Our table of four was served up two desserts to share - the chocolate stampede and a grilled shortcake topped with berries and basil. I loved both, obviously, and was glad I saved room for dessert.

This was one of the fanciest and most elaborate Yelp events I've attended to date. The service, food and ambiance was excellent and I felt fortunate to get invited. Because I've been there outside of a Yelp party, I know what the average diner experiences is a tasty meal with great service. But I did get the added perk of taking home a set of seasoning to try on my own. Time to fire up the grill at home!