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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Drive-by Blogging

I'm in the midst of a busy Saturday. First, we have a furry houseguest. I'm watching MacKenna's dog Annabelle while she's out of town this weekend.
Tim is a regular dog whisperer. I'm pretty sure he sneaks them steak when I'm not looking.
I got up early to take the furkids out, then headed downtown to run with some lovely ladies. These girls are taking on the Zooma Chicago Half Marathon Challenge and will run their first half marathon on Aug. 10 with Zooma (if you haven't registered, the price increased July 28 - use code CHIAMB3 to save 10 percent). 

I'm super proud to serve as their program manager. I basically work to support them and keep them on track, which isn't hard because these ladies are pretty amazing. We ran 10-12 miles along the lakefront, which is where the course will take us. It was the perfect day for running - in the 60s and overcast. I wish every run could have this weather.
Now, I'm cleaning and organizing because we're having a human houseguest tonight - Jenny is staying with me because we're tackling our second Illinois Venus de Miles Ride in the morning. But first, we're doing a little bike shopping and pho-eating with Alyssa.

PS- Here are my Venus de Miles tips, advice and insights. Hope to see you tomorrow at the ride!


Zenaida Arroyo said...

I also ran this morning and it was just PERFECT!

Jamie said...

I hope you have a great ride tomorrow!

Your furry guest is very cute!

Losing Lindy said...

Have a great ride and don't let Jenny break anything else ;)