Kelly the Culinarian: Food Find: The Treasures of Pike Place Market

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Food Find: The Treasures of Pike Place Market

I love traveling. It gives me a chance to see new things, try new flavors and get away for a while. Alas, I am in Seattle for business, but I still have had a chance to see some great things.
I'm staying in downtown Seattle, which totally rocks. This city is very walkable with everything you could possibly need just a short stroll away. Pike Place Market is an awesome tourist destination that melds together a farmer's market with a fish monger, craft fair and bake sale. You can taste organic raw honey, see fish being thrown, buy handmade jewelry and enjoy amazingly delicious cheesecake, which deserves and will receive its own post pretty soon.

I was amazed at the produce that I've never seen before. I saw elephant garlic that was the size of an apple, golden raspberries that glowed like peaches, petite grapes no larger than a thumb tack and fish the size of my dog (not an exaggeration at all).

But, the market is exhausting. By the end of my tour around the place, I could really relate to this guy.

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Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I love Pike Place Marget and try and go there at least twice a year.