Kelly the Culinarian: Stunning Seattle

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stunning Seattle

Hey party people, I hope you had an awesome Fourth of July! The past two years, I haven't had a chance to celebrate because I've been working. No worries, because this year, I'm in Seattle and it rocks. Contrary to all the movies, urban legends and stereotypes, it is not perpetually drizzling here. In fact, it has yet to rain since I arrived Sunday and rain is not in the forecast for the next week. Instead, I'm loving the mild weather of 70s and sunny every day. It's down right perfect. You know what else is perfect? The dinner I had last night at the Mexican Cantina.
Admittedly, I'm a bit addicted to Mexican food. My coworker and I wanted to eat outside because the weather is so perfect and we spotted this patio seating while we were eating at a less fabulous, completely not worth mentioning establishment the night before.

We made reservations, thinking it would be busy, but the restaurant was a ghost town, save for the balcony seating, which we had to wait for. I also tried to order a beer that the waiter said was pouring strange, so he brought me a Mac and Jacks beer instead and it was divine. Seattle, you've got some good brews.

We started with the El Trio Platter, which included mango salsa, guacamole, ceviche and grilled provolone on top of a fried eggplant disk covered in garlic and spices. This thing totally rocked. The provolone was deliciously seasoned and the textures of the melty cheese, chewy garlic and crispy eggplant were awesome. I enjoyed the ceviche a lot too because of the texture with both shrimp and white fish marinated in a bold blend of citrus and cilantro. We also split chicken tacos and topped off the meal with churros, which were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. A seriously divine meal.

To make up for all that indulging, I hit the streets this morning and ran from my hotel to the Seattle Space Needle. There were quite a few homeless people along the route, but in all, I was never concerned for my safety. I've also realized it's a lot easier to run when it isn't a million degrees. I kept an easy 9:30 pace for more than three miles without feeling like I was going to die.
I heart Seattle.